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Digital Marketing For Small Business With Big Plans..

If you have had enough of tearing your hair out over digital marketing or burning the midnight oil trying to understand why your website is not attracting more traffic.  Then search no more..

At Wordspark, digital marketing  is what we do.

We spend much of our time, looking at data, analysing  data and developing campaigns for small business. The rest of our day is spent keeping up with the changes within the digital world, to ensure that we can pass that knowledge onto our clients.

It’s our job to make digital marketing simple, to help you feel more in control of your marketing efforts and results.  We find what works for your business, what brings customers to your door and what activities are the smartest spend of your marketing dollars.



What We Do

We develop, implement, manage, report and provide recommendations for digital marketing strategies, to small businesses.  Our offering includes but is not limited to;

SEO copywriting


local SEO




google ad managment


email campaigns


website analytics 

Why do businesses approach us?

Some clients work with us because they have reached the limit of their digital marketing understanding and some clients are just too busy running their businesses to take ‘time out’ to manage marketing.  We understand small business and the frustration most clients experience when they are constantly running from marketing activities to the delivery of their core product or service.

What sort of business do we work with?

We collaborate with small businesses and organisations – just like yours.  Those busy small business owners who may be tired of being a two headed multitasking, speed demon in order to cover all the jobs needed to run a successful business.  The ones that suspect they might have to develop magical time bending skills to have some sort of work life balance.

Digital Marketing for Small Business

We take a good look at your business, your goals, your target audience, competitors and the patch you are playing in.  From there we can determine the right digital marketing approach for your business.

Not all businesses are the same – we have thrown out the cookie cutter approach to digital marketing.  We have found that what works best for your business may not work for another.  With one eye on the data and the other on emerging digital trends we can navigate a marketing strategy that works best for your specific business and your budget.


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