You have a great looking website, your branding is gorgeous, your open for business, but........... nothing is happening.

'We have an online presence; shouldn't we be getting enquiries?'

At Wordspark this is a common question asked by people who contact us.  On closer investigation we find that many sites look great, but they lack the back end data that search engines such as Google are looking for when it crawls their site.

Search Engines like their data in a particular format, one that is easy for them to find and match to search queries.

When you type in your search term - you do not want to be trolling through pages and pages of results to find the information you are looking for. 

That is the Search Engines Job and they reward websites that make them look good. Like primed bloodhounds they scour the internet and come back with the most relevant, juiciest pages they can find and dump them at your customers eyeballs.

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