Website Analytics 

What traffic is visiting your website?  

Was your last online marketing campaign successful? 

How did you measure its success?

If you said well orders increased, or enquiries increased, you might be missing the bigger picture.

And where do you go to get the bigger picture ? 

Website Analytics


Because once your website is up and running it begins collecting data about visitors to your site. Valuable, juicy data that can uncover hidden opportunities.  This data helps you identify where your marketing dollar should go and which activities produce the best results.

Once you know a little more about your visitors, you can really start to hone in on what type of content they are on your site for, what they are consuming from beginning to end.

Did your visitors find you organically or did they come through your business listings, Google Ads, Facebook, email campaign or referrals.

That’s the power of information. With the data collected you can confidently know what channels work for you right down to which ones convert to sales, inquiries or registrations.  No more guess work.

We tailor monthly reports to your specific marketing activities and business goals. These monthly reports will illuminate your marketing activities and give you the clarity you have been looking for.


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